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Title: Embalming course help please
Post by: Shona on
Hi everyone

I have always been interested in this line of work and I now have the opportunity to go on an embalming course but before I do I have a few questions if anyone can help please.
I have no experience of working within a funeral home although I have seen quite a few loved ones that have passed. The deceased body does not frighten me nor does death and I am a very caring person who wants to take care of the deceased with respect and present them as peacefully and as naturally as possible to their loved ones.
My only concern is that I am unsure how I would react to a child as I have small children, can you switch off from it and does it get easier with children? Also reconstructive work, again I have never seen a body in need of reconstruction in real life so my first time I am a little nervous of. Are my questions cause for concern also?
I desperately want to do this and I just want to know are my mixed feelings with regards to children and the reconstruction work normal?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, I am trying to get some experience of being in on an embalming but it is so difficult due to all the red tape. I know I would be fine with adults and newborns ( although I am aware not a high number of newborns are embalmed) its just an insight on how other people felt upon their first child/ reconstructive embalming.

I look forward to any responses  ;)

Thanks Shona